โˆž Hello there darlings, welcome to my blog โˆž

The idea to come up with a blog of my own was completely random and yet very inspired. Following and studying fashion bloggers very keenlyย had quite a role in inspiring me to create one of my own. The name, on the other hand, took quite some brainstorming. So let me just take a moment to explain it to you: Grey happens to be my favourite colour. But there also happens to be a deeper meaning to the name-

What else is life except a tint of grey? There are uncertainties, ambiguity and twist-of-fates. Nothing is black and white. But, at the same time, grey is powerful and Gothic. It is timeless and corporate. It is dark and mysterious. Grey is dominating and sorted.ย  Itโ€™s the reality of the lives we live. Grey is in-between. Grey is oblivion.

Consequently, my love for Grey and its decipherment prompted me to come up with this name, with a little help from my best friend, of course. ย (Follow her wonderful blog- Shades Of My Existence)

So join me on this creative path of new experiences and learning wherein I share my beautiful life with you. I shall be posting fashion and lifestyle related substance and also general life experiences. Hope you stay put with me and enjoy reading my posts as much as I love writing them for you!