Slay those Whites!

Whites are something every closet in this world has, but styling and slaying white outfits can be a little dicey, given that you need loads of confidence to carry them off. Much of my craze for white is because of its minimalist approach and sleek, bold, contemporary feel. It is perfect for summer ( and even otherwise). It makes you feel light and does not retain body heat, helping you feel cooler on hot days. In winters, it contrasts perfectly with dark colours.

However, when it comes to wearing different shades and textures of white, we tend to get a little unbalanced. Wearing white on white is even more of a muddled concept.


On the other hand, white is so versatile that its really fun trying to put pieces together to make a bomb outfit.

Whenever I am styling whites, I keep some key concepts in my mind- 

1.Wearing different shades- Wearing different shades of white together helps us not look monotonous. Off-white, Ivory, cream, champagne, dutch white, vanilla etc. are shades of white that can be mixed and matched, complementing each other while maintaining the overall sanctity of our white outfit. 

Different shades of white that can be mixed and matched

2. Layering- Layered whites are my personal favourite when done right. They just bring this really fun element in your outfit, while giving a little silhouette and are a great way to hide problem areas of our bodies if we have any. Layering can be done using different textures like Leather, Linen, Corduroy, Sequins, Lace and every different texture just adds a little more character to our outfit.

3. To add Colour- White outfits work as great canvases to style colourful accessories.If you are not really in the mood for an all-white outfit or you are just not the person to survive without colour, there are fun ways to introduce colour into your otherwise white outfit. Metallic coloured watches and belts make your white outfit extra chic, and work great in case you don’t want to go for a very heavy contrast on white. For high contrast, you can choose statement pieces in colour to stand out from the white!

So I have put together 3 different types of whites using staple pieces you can definitely find in your wardrobe to form outfits you can sport this season! So, Read On!

 1.  Layering Whites

 I have styled this outfit using a basic ,long, white Kurti, with a little detailing at the neck, which is a staple and can be easily placed in your wardrobe! This style is perfect for adding a little height  Just throw on some palazzo pants for a little layer and transform a plain Kurti into a fashion statement! 

Long Kurti- 109°F .   Blue Scarf- Fabindia
Palazzo Pants- Dilli Haat, New Delhi
Bag- H&M.

2.  Wearing Different shades 

This outfit is the perfect business casual style, with a very pretty sundress under a formal jacket. Being of two different prints and colours, these two pieces make the outfit look really fun. They may work on days where you have little errands to run or friends to meet, or brunches to attend or maybe even to work! I mean, Polka dots are not too bad for the workplace, right? 

Dress- My sister’s.


Formal Jacket- Forever21

3.  Wearing different textures

This outfit has two pieces of the same colour but different textures, which adds a little dimension to it. Its really light, flowy and feminine. White pants are very commonly found in our wardrobes and this is a great way to wear them this summer! 

Sandals- Christian Siriano for Payless
White Trousers- Marks & Spencer
Lace Top- Mineral



  1. Layering the white shirt – The basic white shirt can be worn in various interesting ways, one of them being layering. Pair your white shirt with a basic tee and beige trousers, and you’re summer ready!
  1. Back to basics- Short kurtas are effortless and smart. They have been out of trend for a while but I feel they should totally make a comeback because of how light and easy they are! You can pair your white kurtas with light pants or denims and accessorize with a basic watch!

As might be evident, I love wearing whites and If styled the right way, even basics can help us make quite an impact! These three were my favourite ways to style the whites in my closet. Let me know what your favourite white outfit is!

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Stay tuned for more!

Lots of Love ∞

Photographs by Srishti Jha 





23 thoughts on “Slay those Whites!

  1. Dear. Vaishnavi
    I really enjoy your page about fashion it’s so interesting to read about how you can look cute with something simple. How you detail everything is really helpful definitely will be trying these out, white is also nice and knowing you have different ideas is great. Are your outfits expensive too? Thanks for sharing,

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