Lazy Day Made Productive!


Hello Readers! Since I just got done with my Higher Secondary, I have a good 2 months to kill before college starts. Naturally, a lot of my days are spent just lying in my bed with my phone always in my hand.

But then as days started going by, I started feeling unproductive. So I wanted to come up with a routine for myself that not only allows me to chill but also get a little organised.  I always feel I sleep better at night when I have got some actual work done that day. So this post is just an attempt to turn a lazy day productive ( note- it doesn’t require you to step out of your pyjamas so read on! )



The basic idea of weekends or off-days is to sort the week ahead; at least for me. It is to de-clutter your mind off the past week and refuel your system mentally and physically for the coming week! Alongwith this, to also catch up on Netflix and friends.

So I have put together an ideal routine for a lazy day which works wonderfully for me, and I hope it does the same for you! You don’t have to start applying everything all at once, but i’m sure you’ll like these ideas enough to give them a try!

  • Make up for that sleep- On a lot of regular days, we just cannot sleep peacefully for the optimum number of hours. We have assignments that need completion and deadlines that have to be met. So an off is a great way to catch up on that sleep. A nice, long sleep is going to give your body the much needed refueling. Keep your electronic gadgets away, put your phone on silent and cancel all alarms! But, make sure not to OVERSLEEP. Even though getting out of bed on an off may seem like such a chore, just get up and do something productive. Oversleeping harms your body and you’ll only end up more tired rather than energized.


DSC04352 2
Remove all alarms


  • Breakfast- This might actually be very very difficult to do, but just make yourself a really nice, elaborate breakfast! A good, heavy breakfast kick starts your day and energizes you to carry on for the entire day. Not just on off days, a heavy breakfast is very important everyday.
  • Hydrate- it happens very often that we do not, at all, focus on our water intake. Water is very important to cleanse and repair our system. On a lazy day, make sure you drink lots of water. You can also treat your body with some detox drinks and fruit water!


  • Skin routine– An off is a perfect way to pay a little extra attention to your skin, which suffers a lot during the entire week. Makeup, sunscreen, aftershave and what not! So make sure to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize (CTEM) your skin on a lazy day. Use a slightly more hydrating product (which you otherwise wouldn’t use on a working day) to leave your skin feeling soft and new! Also, take a nice, long shower and wash off the week! Optionally, you can put on makeup for sudden bouts of #bored selfies or you can avoid any makeup and let your skin recover!
Products I have been using- 1. Tresemmé smooth and Shine salon silk moisture shampoo and conditioner 2. Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Body Mist in ‘Lace’.  3. Spongy-sal medicated face wash for acne.  4-Nivea Frangipani & Oil shower gel. 5- Lacto Calamine Lotion (C to N skin).   6- Johnson’s baby milk lotion.  7- Tea Tree daily use facial scrub.
Use slightly extra hydrating products than you would use on a regular day.
Take a nice,  long shower. It will make you feel fresh and relaxed.
  • Sort the week ahead– After doing all this, you’re going to have some time for yourself wherein you can plan the week ahead. I personally just CANNOT do without planners. They are a really useful way of remembering things and getting them done, and they increase your working efficiency by 33%. So get yourself a planner, and fill in what all you would like to accomplish in the week ahead! Also, crush on your dream a little, to give you the motivation to work your best in the coming week. Want to intern at your favourite firm? work your best and you shall be selected! Always wanted that Paris holiday? Work your best, plan and save money and you’re on that flight next summer!  Having a dream that you work towards really helps you stay motivated and its always good to have ambition, right?
Make a checklist of things that need to be sorted.
Think about what all you would like to achieve in the week ahead.
Fill in your daily and weekly planner
  • De-clutter– Okay, so what if I say that  you should actually get up and clean your social media a little? I am not even kidding. Cleaning up the junk on your social media is going to help you feel organized and happy. Reply to comments on Instagram, clear up your mailbox and unfollow people you don’t like seeing in your feed . You don’t need that sort of negativity!


  • Catch-up- a lazy day DEMANDS an aggressive movie marathon. So spend some time lying around and catching up on movies or youtube videos with your favourite snack , or maybe finish that novel you left half-read! Also get small errands like salon appointments and grocery shopping out of your way on this day. Call up friends you haven’t spoken to in a while and sit down with your family to watch a classic movie you all enjoy!  This will make you feel positive and happy! Catch up on that happiness, buddy!
Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 3.12.52 PM.png
I Love catching up on videos by my fav youtubers on an off day! ( @tesschristinexo)
  • Sleep early- if you didn’t make plans with your friends already, you can try sleeping on time on an off day. This way, you are going to wake up energized and fresh the next day, ready to take on another week with a positive mindset.

So these were 8 major things that I try and do on a lazy/off day. The whole process makes me feel good and inspired , ready to take on another week with 100% energy. If you like any of these, do start practising them every week and tell me how it has changed your perception of a lazy day! 

Stay tuned for the next post!

Lots Of Love,

Vaishnavi Jha ( @vaishnaviijha


Photography-  Srishti Jha 



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    I would love it if you check my blog out 💜💜

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