Good Ol’ Grey Trousers

Women have been sporting trousers since the early 20th century when war service during WW II required them to do factory work along with the men. They were expected to dress like men, and that was how women wearing pants became a necessity, even if just for comfort, during work hours.

Back in those days, people wore war colours- blacks, greys and browns, what we call today the staple colours.

It was in the 1960s that Andre Courreges introduced trousers as a Fashion item for women. Since then, trousers have been universally worn by women. As fashion kept on evolving, trouser trends kept pace. From work-appropriate, baggy, men-like trousers to the trend of fitted trousers started by Audrey Hepburn in the 50s,  Fashion history saw a major evolution. Now as we speak of recent times, we are bringing back the hippie culture of the 70s with ripped, high-waisted and bottom-wide trousers, and to be honest, I am totally digging this style.

I happened to lay my hands on one such pair of ‘mom-fit’ basic grey trousers on my recent visit to the Forever21 store. As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to go into my wardrobe.  It makes such a fabulous staple piece!

The thing about staple colours and designs is that there are a thousand Permutations and Combinations in which they can be worn.

So I have narrowed the styling of this pair into 4 basic categories which form great outfit ideas! These are easy, affordable and the pieces of clothing are readily available! ( I have also mentioned where I got all items from, in case you want the exact ones)


For look 1, I paired the trousers with a light-grey Cami top. Since these shades are variants of the same colour, they help elongate the body. Break the monotony of grey with a skinny belt and you’re good to go! For a casual day out, pair the outfit with loafers, sunglasses and a practical, oversized bag for convenience ( or maybe just a dash of chic *wink wink* ).  For a formal look, pair the outfit with tan or black pumps or stilettos, pull your hair back into a ponytail, put on a nice lipstick and attack!

 Cami Top- Forever21
Trousers- Forever21
Skinny Belt- Forever21
 Loafers- Pantaloons India.        Oversized Bag-H&M
For a sleek, formal look,  put on a bold lipstick and pull your hair neatly into a ponytail.
On my nails- Colorbar’s Flash Dry Luxe Nail Lacquer in Pink Pamper


For look 2, Pair the trousers with a quirky kurti in a contrasting colour for the perfect Bohemian outfit. Throw on some sneakers, a bohemian bag, some colourful accessories and you’re ready to make a statement. Sporting a top-knot with any outfit makes you look younger and elongated, and it is oh so bohemian! 

Kurti- Aurelia                              Bangles-Dilli Haat, New Delhi
Bag-INA , New Delhi



For Look 3,  I kept in mind a college student and what she would do with a basic pair of trousers! So I coupled it with a very cool, graphic tee which already had a knotted front. Throw on a colourful bracelet for some character and a plain black canvas Tote bag for utility. This outfit is chic yet fun!

“Sitch Dont Kill My Vibe” Graphic crop tee – Jaipur
Canvas Tote– Pantaloons
Bracelet-Saturday Night Market,Goa


For Look 4, the centre of attention is this long, yellow kurti which was a present from my Dad in an attempt to get some colour into my wardrobe ( did I tell you about my love for grey and black yet?) . So I wore it with the trousers, threw on a grey ( see?)  silk scarf, a quirky ring and a leather clutch purse with elephant print. Sport your favourite pair of juttis with this combo! This outfit is perfect for events where you are required to be dolled up in ethnic wear. Who said Indian outfits can’t have wiggle room?

      Long Kurti- Fabindia
          Ring-a gift from my uncle               leather clutch purse – Bangkok

So this was how I styled my favourite trousers in 4 different ways. Do tell me which outfit you like the most, and go on to create one of your own with your favourite pair of trousers!

Stay tuned for the next post

Lots Of Love!






Photography: Srishti Jha 


32 thoughts on “Good Ol’ Grey Trousers

  1. Not only did I like all the looks you have created, I particularly loved that you included a brief history of trousers in the beginning. Very informative and adds a lot of perspective. Great post! Can’t wait to read more. 🙂

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  2. Dear Vaishnavi Jha,

    I really love how you combined trousers with variety of blouses and shirts. Love the way how everything is very well detailed. Gives me some great ideas of what to wear trousers with. Question is do you know any great shops to buy trousers? Thanks for sharing,

    Brisella .

    Liked by 1 person

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