Welcome To My Idea Of Fashion

Hello readers! So after about a month of delaying the release of my blog, I finally gathered enough confidence to deliver my first blog-post. My first interaction with you HAD to be about why I chose to discuss fashion. Hold on, it is not always going to get this serious! There are definitely going to be fun posts about styling outfits, hair, makeup, some photo-shoots and cute restaurant guides, but we will also be discussing life. For starters, I wanted to reach out and tell you my perception of fashion and beauty.

Fashion happens to be a very interesting word. Interesting in the sense that it gets everyone’s  antennae up! Now, people may associate it with newly launched Gucci bags and trends spotted at various Fashion Weeks or with finding dupes of ‘the exact shade of lipstick she wore.’

For me, Fashion means something a tad different. It is described by the internet as ‘A manner of doing something’ and I like to take it in its literal sense. Sure, even I associate it with clothes and makeup but on the whole, fashion to me is –

A. Creating a look that is pleasant on the eyes, and

B. Feeling comfortable and confident in what you created.

For the most part, people get the first aspect right. You finally bought the fabulous-looking dress that you saw in a design magazine after crushing on it for months and you’re going to wear it for a date night with your dream man! Congratulations! As you get the dress home, you realise it shows your bodily imperfections and that makes you insecure, but you wear it because you spent a fortune on it and it is so in after all!  As the night progresses, you feel yourself getting nervous about a stitch here and a strap there. Very soon, your attention is all focused on your fabulous-looking but not-so-fabulous-feeling outfit! Consequently, you get jittery and distracted and wonder how the model in the design mag wore it so well and whether it was, at all, worth all the dedicated crushing. What you just did was, you made the dress your center of attention instead of the love of your life sitting right across from you, only because you were aware your body isn’t perfect and that made you feel on edge.

For this case, you created something that sure was pleasant on the eyes, but you could not feel comfortable in what you created. You got point Á’ correct, but point ‘B’ took a miss!

Fashion for me, on the whole, relates to this.

Designers construct pieces of fabrics into beautiful attires (with heavy price tags, but never mind), we pair them with accessories and shoes we like and voila! Point ‘A’ has been taken care of! Now, the hard part is point ‘B’. It can make or break the way you see yourself. How comfortable am I in this dress that cost half a month worth of my salary? Sure, I look beautiful! But do I feel equally beautiful? Sure, this dress is top-notch fashionable, but does my attitude go with it? Do I feel like the beautiful and confident person that I am?

Another very interesting thing of importance (don’t these two words sum up fashion anyway?) is that Point ‘B’ is very much standalone.  We don’t necessarily need Point ‘A’ to back it up, but it is very hard vice-versa. Its very important to feel confident in a really good outfit, but we don’t need very good outfits to feel confident! Don’t get me wrong, I like dolling up as well, but on days I don’t feel like it, I will even step out wearing pyjamas and zero makeup ,with my hair in a messy ponytail and still feel confident enough!

This confidence in oneself builds up gradually. It starts with accepting ourselves and our bodies and believing that we truly are beautiful, inside and out; or working till we accomplish this! The world loves women who love themselves. We don’t need to look perfect to feel confident, but we do need to look confident to feel perfect! So let us focus on making the inner-us beautiful. Let us update our knowledge before we update our closets!

Let us cultivate our minds and hearts, and eventually, every outfit we wear shall become fashionable!

Since I have just recently started blogging, all your comments and suggestions are welcome! Let me know what you loved about this post and what I can improve on.

Stay tuned for the next post !

Lots Of Love !


79 thoughts on “Welcome To My Idea Of Fashion

  1. I loved this post and hearing that you are new makes me excited because I am too (: I would love you to check out mine! I can’t wait to read more from you!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hey i absolutely love this post!! i think we like the same things and maybe you could check out my blog (even though its just started lol) and give feedback? thanks! Katie xx


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